Just got back from Holt and LV and bought 2 things!

  1. First of all I went to Holt Renfrew to get my Toywatch strap shortened and luckily I got it done for free. :yahoo:

    Then I went to the LV Counter and had the most clueless SA. I asked for the Damier Cles and she had no idea what that was! So I took out my Cerises cles to show her and then she got me the Azur cles! Anyways, when she finally got me the Damier cles, both of the ones she brought me were not up to my standards. I also tried on the Neverfull PM and the Batignolles Regular. The Batignolles was so cute, I think that will be my next bag purchase. It was $695 CAD.

    Then I went to the LV Boutique and found that my regular SA was working at not totally swamped like last time.

    I asked to see both the black Cozys they had available and again they were not the colour combo that I wanted. So we asked her to phone other stores to ask around. Then she came back and said that the store in Calgary has a black Cozy with lots of pink and purple! :nuts: So we did a charge-send and I can probably pick my Cozy up by Wednesday! :yahoo:I finally got one! :wlae: Also when I heard my SA talking on the phone with the manager in Calgary, my SA was saying, "I have this VIC ..." :wtf: :nuts:

    I also tried on the Mini Lin Bucket and loved it but it was too expensive at $1070 I think. I also checked out the Damier Porte Valeurs Organzier and might buy that in the future. I asked about the Blue Speedy Inclusion Keychain and she said that they didn't have it yet. And still no Le Mignon.

    Anyways, here what I walked out with! My first Damier piece!


    After using my Cerises Cles every day for a year, I can finally give it a rest!

  2. I love the Cozy too! Don't have one but love it! Congrats on your new cles! I love your collection.
  3. I have the same Cles! Congrats!
  4. Congrats on the damier cles- it's a tres elegant classic. Can't wait to see the Cozy!
  5. That's nice.. Congrats!
  6. Glad you had a fun shopping spree....congrats!!
  7. Congrat's on the new purchases.
  8. Congrats!
  9. awww..makes me miss my damier cles. Congrats on both! Lucky gal! FINALLYYY you have a Cozy. I hope it's a great color combo when you get it! Congrats on becoming a VIC, I should go shopping with you at LV sometime..LOL
  10. congrats.
  11. Congrats! I actually just bought the same one a few weeks back ... love it!
  12. congrats!
  13. Its not like you sold yours! You still get to see it whenever your bf takes it out! :roflmfao: Do you still use your perle cles?

    Thanks, yeah I've wanted the Black Cozy for a long time, just like I wanted the Toywatch forever and today after I got the strap shorted I wore it right away! I got 3 links taken out!
  14. Thanks, this is the first time I bought more than one LV at a time, but it didn't feel like it because I left with only one thing!
  15. Cute cles, hopefully the wait for the cozy won't kill you! I am kinda disappointed, kinda glad that there is no Mignon yet. I think it's adorable but I haven't decided if I officially want it yet.