just got back from FSH today,who's ready for a review?

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  1. Just came back from paris, amazing city as usual,the weather was pretty nice, and most importantly score a big box!! Who is ready for a review?
  2. I am....whadya get! Can't wait to see!
  3. Please open. I am here
  4. looks like a birkin 35:yahoo::happydance:
  5. I'm here too!
  6. I am here! Looking forward to seeing your new purchases.
  7. I am here, Can't wait to see what you got.:woohoo:
  8. any guesses from the big box ?!
  9. So excited to see! :smile:
  10. Le sigh…I love that place. Fond memories! Can't wait to see what you scored!
  11. Birkin 30 or kelly 32?
  12. Lets see!!!
  13. I went to paris to accompany my friend,as my friend she is desperate to get a B30,I didn't plan to get anything after the first 2 successful visits to FSH, I wouldn't think I'd be that lucky to score again.

    Went in there on Wednesday around 2, me and my friend we were queuing separately just to maximise the chance, was pretty busy in the leather section,but no SA was really there to serve, waited for 20 mins, my friend went first and she got a NO, I was after her, a french young lady asked me what do I want , and obviously I told her was after to the dream bag ,she took my name and check at the back for 10 mins, she came back and told me nothing at the moment but should try later on,and I got her card then I left.

    Went to lunch with my friend just around the corner, still wasn't anticipating any bags but was keeping my fingers crossed for that, went to the the shop around 4 o'clock ,was even busier than before, and I saw my SA was helping a group of Chinese tourists, apparently they bought a lot of things and I saw 2 big boxes. After seeing that ,I wasn't sure I can get anything as it is getting quite late,waited for 20 mins, my SA she came back to me and asked me what am I looking for again, we tried the samples on and she said:"oh kelly 35 looks nice on you." She went to the back and asked me to wait, then she came with the big box!!! OMG!!!
    I couldn't believe my luck !!!!!

    So here she is: ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396131922.164475.jpg kelly 35 soufre sellier with PHW...
  14. That's a beauty!
  15. Congrats! It's beautiful!