Just got back from Coach...

  1. Well, I just got back from using my PCE at Coach and I'm so happy with what I bought!! I had it all planned of course before I went in and the SA was so impressed with me cause I knew all the item numbers! But I got the Lilly Satchel!! Of course, I wanted the Atlantic color but it's gone and she at first said all they had was the Whiskey, which I didn't want because I already have a purse I love in Whiskey. But then she said oh wait, I have one in black here at the store! I was so excited, I love the black!!! So I purchased that with the PCE as well as a pair of the Sofia sunglasses for my cousin for her birthday. And then as an added bonus for myself, I ordered the new Bleecker Leather Checkbook Wallet in the Bottle Green color!! I'm so excited, I can't wait to get it!!! I took some pictures of my Lilly for your viewing pleasure!! Enjoy, I know I will :yahoo:

  2. Congrats on your great finds! Your bag is beautiful!
  3. Gorgeous!
  4. Glad you love it!
  5. very lovely
  6. Gorgeous!! I purchased Lily in whiskey today too, but my store didn't have it in stock so I had to order it! I'll have it on Tuesday!! :yahoo:
  7. I thought PCE starts tomorrow???
  8. My SA called me and told me I could come in and do a pre-sale order, I think alot of people are doing that.
  9. My coupon said something about advance shopping today. I was surprised too because last time I came in supposedly a day early because they had called me to say it started that day but when I got there, they said I could buy the stuff but couldn't take it home that day! So my fiance went the next day and picked it up for me. But I was very happy today that I got to take her home!!
  10. YAY! Congrats!! It's so beautiful! (if it weren't this big and heavy, I would have gotten the Lily)
  11. Nice! I LOVE the inside pattern!
  12. congrats :tup:
  13. OMG!!!!! I LOVE that bag!!!!! It's soooo gorgeous!
  14. Congrats on the bag!! I really like the Lily, but it's still too big for me. Did they let you use the PCE discount for the Bleecker wallet?
  15. I'm so horrible! I just called and ordered a Signature Stripe Swingpack in the khaki/mahogany and the new Elephant keyring! I really need to stop spending money like this!! :upsidedown: