just got back from barney's nyc

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  1. here's a topline of what they've got!!! :party:

    p.s. i was a good girl & came home empty handed (lol!!!)

    - vert gazon RH brief
    - naturale RH brief
    - black RH brief
    - white GH day
    - aqua GH city
    - aqua GH hobo
    - black GH traveler
    - black '06 RH work
    (totally yummy leather)
    - ink courier
    - rouille courier
    - grenat courier
    - black box
    - sapin first
    - camel first
    - white first
    + lots of assorted GH bags
  2. Thanks for the report Bama!!!:heart:
  3. Thanks for thinking of us aaallabama! It is always nice to know what is still available.
  4. Did you happen to see if they still have the INK Shopping bag? I wonder if it will go 40%off during their sale.
  5. ^^ OMG, yes, sorry i forgot that one!!! :tup:

    p.s. the SA didn't mention any sales though (?)
  6. thanks for the report!
  7. Yeah, I just called and they said that the Moto line never goes on sale. Someone on the forum had mentioned that they go 40% off (older season's colors) during their annual sale...but the SA just told me no. :sad:

    I like the Ink Shopping but it has a few scratches on the front - which wouldn't bother me IF the bag was 40% off.
  8. AAAL! I was there yesterday loitering around the BBags! and that black work was yummy. But I am still tempted by the Ink shopping...
  9. AAA!! Good job, Girl! You didn't cave to the B-bag pressure :smile:
  10. Annual sale???? Oh my gosh, when??? I am headed to NYC in a couple of weeks for a little vacation and needless to say, as always, shopping is on the agenda.....I just recently became obsessed with Balenciaga. Any chance of finding a sale or deal on one in NYC? I am interested in a Marine or Anthracite City.
  11. wow aaa, good job with remembering that whole list! i love the aqua with GH. last time i was there they had it in a city and it got snapped up fast.
  12. thanks for the report! you have better self control then most of us here.
  13. ^^ you're welcome everyone!!! :tender:

    p.s. i love your new blythe robotdoll :heart:
  14. aaa, you're stronger than me than. I would have had a hard time passing up the black Work or the Ink Courier! YUM!:drool:
  15. robotdoll- is that ichigo heaven? she's such a cutie.