Just got back from a day of therapy!!!

  1. Although I am on a self imposed bag ban, I bought my sister the same chocolate bleeker zip top hobo that I have, a minny skinny to match and an owl keychain. I also found one of my holy grail items, a raspberry lurex medium beauty case!!! Hey it is not a purse! I also picked up for myself a magenta patent gallery wristlet and the metalic star keyfob. I had a good day even though it was freezing outside in riverhead.
  2. Wow you know how to stick to a ban!:p Congrats on finding that rasberry lurex beauty case and you other goodies. That is nice that you picked up the bleecker hobo for your sis!!!:tup:
  3. I did stick to it :biggrin: I did not buy a purse for myself. I am not on an accessory ban :p
  4. Congrats and way to get around your ban ;)
  5. Haha! I'm glad to hear that you could feed your purse cravings with accessories! It sounds like you got a lot of fun stuff! Enjoy!
  6. Sounds like fun! I think I love accessory shopping almost as much as purse shopping!
  7. congrats, I love the raspberry! :tup:
  8. ty all, my husband was in shock that i did not buy myself a purse. My sister's b'day is not until May, but she saw a picture of my bleeker and said she loved it. She just had a baby so money is a bit tight for her, so i thought it would be a nice little surprise. They were 40% off at the outlet so I go it for around $65.00. Not bad.