Just got another red - the 2008 Red patent puzzle Reissue 226

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  1. #1 Jan 16, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2009
    Ladies, here is my other red which came in the mail today - the 2008 red patent puzzle flap. I was a bit worried to get it sight unseen after reading the reviews of other tpf'ers but my worry was for nothing. She is a fabulos bag, the most amazing bright true red color, pure red. True, she is flashy and sexy in a very bold way but all my other bags are boring colors like black, white, camel, tan, light beige and dark brown so a flashy sexy bag was exactly what I was looking for and she delivers. Here she is

    In real life the puzzle design is barely discernible and very hard to make out even though it shows up clearly in the pictures


    In real life the bag is far more red and really has no orange undertones although it seems kind of orange in this picture of it over the shoulder


    A comparison picture of 2008 red patent puzzle reissue with the 2005 red lamskin clasic. This picture is probably closest representation of the real life look and color of the puzzle bag

  2. I absolutely love this bag. I tried it on last year and didnt want to take it off my shoulder.
    Such a gorgeous colour, congrats, you are very lucky :smile:
  3. Wow, that is such a unique bag! I love it
  4. This was my favorite of all the puzzle bags!! :nuts: You scored a true beauty! :love: Congrats!! :yahoo:
  5. love it i really like the puzzel bag too bad i missed it .. love the blue one as well as the red :smile:
  6. Gee I love that puzzel. super cute
  7. OOH CONGRATS!!! I've always loved the puzzle flap. Very sexy indeed!
  8. Great description! She is just that........ SEXY!

    Congrats and enjoy her.
  9. Congrats!! Great beautiful bag - enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Just fabulous, venusfly. What a beauty! The colour is amazing. Enjoy!
  11. I LUV this bag :tup: --- especially the chain!
  12. Congratulations on finding such beautiful RED flap! It's redelicious like the rest of your REDs.
  13. Beautiful bag! Verrrrry sexy!!
  14. What a beautiful bag!
  15. very pretty bag, congrats ^^