Just got an email from president of bloomingdales direct

  1. So i was ticked like all of you that my orders were cancelled and i sent emails to the ceo etc.
    This morning i got an email from the president of bloomies direct
    here it is
    "Your email was forwarded from the store to my attention. I want to
    apologize for what occurred during our recent promotion. After looking
    into the issue I have determined that a number of bags were added to
    promotion and the response to our deep discounts was overwhelming. We
    simply sold through the inventory at an extraordinary rate. Clearly
    intention was to sell out of these items since they were in our
    area but we had no idea it would be so quick. We at no time intend to
    misrepresent anything to our customers since your loyalty is what we
    ultimately seek. I have instructed my call center to offer any
    who had a bag cancelled during this promotion 40% off any qualifying
    purchase in order to make up for their frustration. If you wish to
    advantage of this 40% off please call and state that you had a handbag
    order cancelled. Again I apologize and hope that you give us another
    opportunity to serve you."

    So ladies what do you say?

  2. WOW! That is huge. I have been watching this watching this wondering
    what would happen. Similar story with the LVR sale and I had the same
    thing happen with the Ghurka once-in-a-lifetime sale.

    Ghurka actually "found" me the bag I wanted!! But they had offered the
    same thing- to extend the discount to another piece, but there was nothing
    else I wanted.

    Cograts Scorpio and thanks for sticking up for the collective US!! :smile:

  3. So what is considered a "qualifying" purchase? I had this offerred to me as well but ONLY ON SALE ITEMS. Not on full price. If that is the case, that still doesn't do us any justice!

  4. there seems to be couple MJ bags that are back on the sales page of bloomies (stella, dianne, sienna hobo, east west hobo)
  5. Im on the phone with them now and the lady doesnt seem to be following these instructions.
  6. Apparently I have to send them a fax of this in order to get the 40% off. Im so confused; the customer service person answered the phone as Macys and she sounds more confused than I am.
  7. It sure would be nice to get that discount on a bag and actually receive the bag. They never responded to my email.
  8. lol.. your CSR at bloomie's answered the phone "Macy's"?
  9. This customer service is called FACS and they answer for both Bloomies and Macy's. I found that out last week. They're an outside CS call center.
  10. Yes, I'm fairly certain that the call center is located outside of the country.
  11. Aaahh! I learn something new today! I just thought maybe she used to work for Macy's and now worked for Bloomie's!
  13. Lolley, I would like his direct email also, as I can't seem to get a response from customer service.

    Also, I know there are four call centers that answer for them because I think I have spoken to someone at all locations. The ones I can remember are Mason, Ohio and Tempe, Arizona. Can't remember the other two.

    It would be nice if they would just give us all the original discount so we can move past this. Although, I'm not sure how much faith it would restore at this point.
  14. would this be on sales items only or both sales and reg. items?? i'm confused on the "qualitying purchases" too
  15. i am getting so tired of their antics!
    They made a mistake and should have to pay the consquences. Im sick of their wishywashiness!