Just got an authentic Vintage LV purse... Tell me more about it?

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  1. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1398010064.075033.jpg

    My mom bought this for herself on a trip to Paris in 2001, but actually never wore it because it was too "red and young" haha. Guess that's an example of buying for your imaginary lifestyle!

    Anyway, it's mine now, I didn't even know she owned such a purse because she's never used it! I'm wondering if there's a name for the style, and whether it's canvas or leather. I'm guessing canvas because it's quite sturdy and doesn't smell like leather, but I'm no expert. Also wondering if anyone else has this bag, in other colors? Thanks!
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  3. Thank you! That helps! I'm posting from my phone and I don't know why the picture flipped sideways... I'll post it to that thread tomorrow once I fix the pic. Thanks again, that's very helpful and now I know two things about this bag! Hehe.
  4. Red Epi Buci.
  5. Lovely:smile:
  6. I've never seen the bag either but it's really pretty! Aren't you thrilled to have it from your Mom? I think this will be one that you will treasure forever. Big congrats on your unexpected find. :Presents
  7. ahh thank you! that's perfect.

    any help locating the date-code on this bag? I'm peering everywhere but I must be missing it. she bought it in '01, so it should have a date code somewhere, right? would love to see the exact date and month, that'd be so cool!
  8. So lovely!! Congrats!!
  9. It's fantastic, vintage is lovely!
  10. Did a screenshot of a sold Buci from yoogis. Maybe your mom's (and now your) bag's date code hot-stamping (if that's what it's called, irdk) wasn't deep enough in the lining that's why through the years it looks as if it was rubbed off. Anyway, hope this helps dear. Congrats on this rare beauty! :smile:


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  11. Surely that's Epi. Is that red or orange? I just got a vintage red epi speedy. It shows dark strips like the picture in #11 post. Is it normal?
  12. There should be a slip compartment behind the small internal zipped pocket and the datecode will be embossed discretely along a seam line/top in there. You may need a small torch (flashlight) to find it and they can be troublesome to find on alcantara linings if you're not sure what you're looking for. They can rub away but you might be able to make some of of it out if that has happened.
  13. Both the OP's bag and the additional pictures posted are of the Epi Buci. The Buci only came in Epi. The Buci was discontinued long before any of the orange based epi colours were introduced so the bags photographed are red.
  14. Your knowledge never ceases to amaze me! Haha :smile: good luck with finding the date code OP, I have two bags with Alcantra lining but the date code was virtually impossible to see on one, I can just make out an imprint and possibly an 8 which isn't too helpful, but it's nice to know its there all the same