Just Got A Wapity!!!!!!!! And Im A Guy!

  1. Hey everyone, i have the abesses and i have a pochette bosphore coming too me too. I wanted something that i can actually carry my camera in and what else besides the Wapity!!!! My question is do you think it is okay to carry by itself when i go into the city on weekends just for day trips. I plan on using it as obviously a camera holder but also throwing my tiny cell phone, my cc's some cash and any other little items in there for the day. Do you think it looks too much like a purse if a guy is using it?? What if i take the strap off?? Im not sure any advice and thoughts are greatly appreciated!!! :cool:
  2. I think it would look fine and I would use the strap. Easier to handle. I have thought about getting one for my camera case also.
  3. i can't really picture a wapity on a guy but that's only because i've never seen one on a guy........but i absolutely loooove the bosphore and isn't that hands free? :P
  4. I have the bosphore..I think both the wapity and the Bosphore can be used by man or woman! Great pieces!
  5. ditto!
  6. Congrats and enjoy!!!
  7. Congrats, I love that LV name it's so much fun.....I also like the Lagoon.
  8. I think it's fairly gender neutral. Congrats on your purchase !
  9. yay more guys!! we're such a rarity. haha. congrats and welcome. i'm still saving for my MC wapity.
  10. i think it would be just fine for a guy...just rock it with confidence and it'll look great!
  11. Thanks everyone for ur input so far its been helpful...I will rock my lil louis wit pride and not worry bout what others may say...i have it in the regular monogram so that will probably even things out anyway. But thanks guys/gals...lol...
  12. From guy-to-guy: I'd say no to the wapity by itself, but if you're willing to go bigger the reporter is a nice option, as are the smaller "man wristlets" in Utah and Taiga leather. Just my opinion, though. If you love the wapity, though, go for it!
  13. yeah i was self conscious before about carrying the Wapity by itself, but then i started having second thought about my uncomfortableness when I was walking in Greenwich Village the other day and saw a man carrying a Speedy. I dont know where he was going or what he was doing or if it was even his, but he was carrying it and was doing so as if he was the S*** and no one could tell him otherwise. I needed something small so this will work i assume, and im in NYC so i doubt carrying a lil ole wapity as a man will make many people turn heads!!LOL!
  14. actually when I was at Koi I saw Justin Timberlake carrying one as a digi cam case. i thought it looked fine. i find that most LV pieces are unisex now! I guess men can share the love of Lv too. Welcome!
  15. I say if you love it, then that's all that matters!!!!! Enjoy!!!!