Just got a "virus detection" notice from my ISP

  1. They denied a letter with an attachment because they detected a virus. The title was -
    Chinese missile shot down Russian satellite. Now I don't know if this had anything to do with all of us who got the PM from "wcangel" last night/early morning, or not. But I have had the same ISP for quite a while, and this is the first notification I've gotten about detecting a virus - EVER. Did any of you get anything entitled the above? So anybody who was on last night late and got the PM, be on the watchout for that title, in case your ISP doesn't detect it. Just the strange timing makes me question it.

    Night all. ('Bout time, don't you think?:smile:)
  2. I got that exact email as well! My server deleted that attachment, so I was ok. I was notified of the virus as well. I also got 4 other really suspicious emails at the same time. All attachments were removed by server, all containing same virus.

    Be careful girls!:smile:
  3. Spam stuff. Make sure your anti-virus is up to date and never ever open any attachments from somebody you don't know. :smile: The email had nothing to do with the pm many of you got.
  4. i was on and got the pm. i did not get the e-mail. however, late last night/early this morning i twice had some problems while surfing the net. i ran virus scan the past two nights after the events. my virus and spy protection are definately current and the computer is just 2 months old. hopefully the minor problem is unrelated.