Just got a vintage RED bag, but it is missing the tassle :( What to do?


Apr 30, 2011
I found a vintage red camera bag(I think that is the style?) and it definitely needs some work but I know that once I get it cleaned or refurbished, it will look beautiful. Problem is that it is missing the tassle that is attached to the zipper! The zipper just has a ring on it, which means that whatever was attached to it has fallen off aka the tassle. What do you think I should attach to it so that it is easy to zip open/close the bag? I don't think that the boutique will be able to attach a new tassle since it is vintage (serial code starts with a 0). So what's a girl to do?
Jun 27, 2011
Washington, DC
You can ask the SA about it, because even if they can't put what was originally there, I'm sure they'd want to help you out as much as they could. Do you have an SA you're close with/have purchased from before? If so, talk to them rather than someone else and they might be more able to help you out!