Just got a Trunk & Bag Mini-pochette. Now what should I use it for?

  1. I just got this cute little mini-pochette (please see pictures) It's an impulse buy...after seeing the LV postcard. I don't like monogram, but after seeing this mini pochette, I know I have to have it. :p The SA told me that it is limited edition. Now, what should I use it for? It's too pretty if I am to use it as a cosmetic case as it will be hidden inside of a large bag. Do you think it's too big to be use as a key case? What do you use your mini-pochette for? Give me some ideas, ladies!! ;)
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  2. ooh, i'm going to look foward to what everyone has to say. i like this mini pochette too and want it! but i don't know what i'd use it for.
  3. i have it too but its in my closet . i havent used it at all. But i do have the azur mini pochette and i use it for my ipod or as an evening bag.
  4. It's adorable! I love the chain strap. Depending on which handbag you're carrying with it, I think it's cute hooked on the outside of your bag to hold keys, lipstick, phone...It would also make a perfect going-out bag to hold your essentials. Congrats on a great purchase!!
  5. I just got the azur mini pochette! I had such a hard time deciding between it and the trunks and bags one. Yours is so cute now I want one! So far I've used mine to go out at night; to the bar, club and movies. I put my cell phone, cash, debit card, id and keys in it. During the day I either hang it on one of my bags or carry it myself. During the day I put my subway tokens, keys and some cash in it. It really is very handy!
  6. omg i love the t&b pochette...and i usually don't like monogram either, but for some reason, i have to get this one!
  7. I was using the T&B mini pochette to hold extra cc cards and coupons/business cards since I was using my Wapity as a wallet. But, now I've been using the mini pochette as my wallet because it can also hold my iPhone, earpiece, lip balm, cash, cc, etc. when I go out to lunch instead of having to carrying my big purse with me while I'm at work.
  8. I use mine as a camera case
  9. :O
    i love this line!
    i cant find it cause i dont know what its called lol

    so can anybody tell me what this line is called?
  10. I used mine as a camera case or makeup bag. There's really not a ton you can do with it. I think it'd be way too big to use as a key chain.
  11. I have one, I keep it attached inside my Chanel's and LV BH. I use it as an overflow catcher for extra business cards, GC's, reward cards, etc. . . .
  12. Hang it off the outside of your other LV bags....if you have a speedy or a neverfull, the way ScarJo does in the ads, that way you can display it and use it as an easy access cellphone holder, too.
  13. I have the same problem too! It was an impulse buy and it sits in my closet. But it is so cute!
  14. I love my T & B mini pochette! I use it like some of the others here. I put it in my bigger bag and put my ccs, id, money and lipgloss in it. Then when I run to the cafe or run errands, I just use that. I like using it for going out to the movies, bars etc. It's so functional! I love it!
  15. I use mine to use as carry around purse when I take the baby out to keep cash, keys, phone, cards. It holds so much for such a little purse.