Just got a Silver Venetia!

  1. I already posted about this in another thread but i decided to take pictures of my bag.

    I was in the Chicago Nordstrom Rack last Friday and found a Silver Venetia for around $500.
    There was a Berry venetia that I was also contemplating but in the end I decided the Silver was more for me.
    I love it!
    I was so excited to buy it because it was such a good deal and is also my first really nice bag. I have a few Marc by Marc bags, etc. (I'm also only 20 years old...so it's not like I have a huge income.)

    I love the color and even though it's silver, it's not tacky, look-at-me silver that you see sometimes.
    I thought I'd post it here because I'm such a lurker in this forum and rarely post...also my friends don't really share or understand my enthusiasm for bags so it's hard for them to relate! haha.:shrugs:

    The color is really hard to capture in photos so some are with flash and some are without (there should be 4 photos attached.)



  2. it's very nice. congrats! :smile:
  3. congrats, so beautiful!!
  4. Beautiful! Love the lining!
  5. Love it!!! Congrats!
  6. That bag is HOT! Congrats!!!
  7. Really beautiful. I can't believe you snagged it for $500.00:nuts: Fantastic deal for such a pretty bag. Good job!
  8. Yeah I know I was so excited about the price! I checked it over just to make sure nothing was wrong with it.
    I'm so in love with it.:heart:
  9. congrats and thank for the pic, i saw this bag hanging around for couple days and happy that you able to snag it.
  10. Beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing!!
  11. Beautiful-congrats!
  12. congrats! very nice!
  13. Congrats and welcome! :flowers: I've got a silver Venetia too, purchased back in 2005. There's a pic of it here in the MJ reference library:


    I think you are really going to love this bag. The color goes with a lot, and I get so many compliments on mine. I actually had a woman pull her car over to compliment my Venetia when I was walking down the street one day! :p
  14. Yeah I actually looked at that post the other day!
    I'm so glad to hear that the leather stays really nice.
    Do you treat yours with anything?
    ps- hahaha at the woman pulling over! What a compliment!
  15. Wow!!! You're right about the shade of silver...Love it!!! Congrats..great price too!!!! Enjoy her!:yes: