Just got a "save the date" for PCE

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  1. THAT would be the nastiest dumbest marketing strategy ever. It would serve no purpose other than to annoy and anger the customers that didn't get it. It makes you look like you will, then you don't? No way - would they/could they do such a thing?????????

    I still think that everyone that gets the "save the date" email WILL get PCE - I just can't see it going any other way.

    It will be very interesting to see how this plays out.

    Dot - I cannot believe you won't be getting it, I have to believe someone told you the wrong info.
  2. I agree...whoever got the save the date...I am going to believe they will get PCE too. Hang in there...we will know Friday!
  3. Question to you ladies that are calling JAX to see if you are on the list:
    Are you asking them to look if your name is on PCE or ePCE...the reason I am asking is that JAX has 2 different lists PCE and ePCE..your name might not be on the PCE list and is on the ePCE list...if that makes sense
  4. I got a save the date email and a phone call today. Yay!
  5. Ya'll, I am really hoping they will give me a break and let me use pce over the phone. Coach.com hates me, and I really want colors that aren't on the website.
    I am going to be worried until I call...and if I get told no, I will probably cry. :sad:
  6. I emailed JAX asking if they could tell me if I was on the list and they replied asking for my email address and then emailed me to ask for my real address and then came back to say I wasn't on the list! I was totally bummed and really wanted to get my spotlight :sad: I have a credit from Nordstrom for the same amount as I would be getting with the PCE, but what if Nordstrom doesn't get the bag? Then I would be triply bummed!
  7. I just got a phone call too -- funny that; I have never had that happen before :smile:. They also said that they could set up an appointment with me if I liked to do a pre-sale .. interesting!
  8. My local Coach SA called me last Thursday to inform me that I was listed for this month's PCE event and that I would be receiving an e-mail over the next few days from Coach for the event. I received the "Save the date" e-mail this morning from Coach and was also able to do a PCE pre-sale at my local Coach boutique this past weekend.
  9. I got 2 emails (when I shopped at the store, I had given them one email address) and when I had made a purchased online...forgot and used a different email address to register. In addition, the SA called and left me a VM about being selected as a preferred customer. :nuts:
  10. Awww dam. That is not right.
    I have a quick question...who here pumped up their wishlist before PCE? Or has a big wishlist on Coach.com? Maybe that had something to do with it. Mine has like 10 diff things on it.
    How is yours, cupcake? I do hope you get that spotlight somehow...I was counting on your reveal! LOL! :hugs:
  11. ^^ I only had one big ticket item on my Coach wish list and I informed my local Coach SA about it several weeks ago. She's been checking to see if I'd been listed for this month's PCE since then.
  12. My wishlist has about 50 items on it ha! I finally deleted some as I got a few things or realized I did not need things in 5 colors! :P
  13. Well, then I guess that has nothing to do with it then. I wish we could figure out the secret...they can't just sit down at a table and go through all of our records to choose. It's either totally random, or there is something to it.
  14. I know, it's strange and frustrating! I get ALL of their other emails and the SAs have entered me in the system 3 times or more and I have a big wishlist. I wish they would just be like "Hey, she really wants to buy some Coach! Lets give her a coupon!" I feel like a crazy person and being really impatient!
  15. ITA, and I hope it doesn't pan out that way.

    The way I see it there are two possible outcomes right now:

    1) Everyone who received the email is getting PCE. Maybe the system wasn't fully updated previously, who knows. But yay, we get PCE! :yahoo:

    2) Everyone who recieved the email isn't getting PCE, or wasn't "supposed" to be getting PCE. Maybe the email accidentally went out to more people than it should have. Or maybe they expanded the PCE group at the last minute, in which case - see #1.

    All I know is I received the "Save the Date" email, and if I don't receive ePCE or a PCE postcard I will print out that email, take it with me to the Coach boutique printed on the bottom of that email, and if I do buy something, I will be getting a discount or I won't be buying. It's as simple as that.