Just got a "save the date" for PCE

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  1. Congrats...
  2. No email, but already got the phone call and she said she'd honor it for me. so woo lol
  3. I just got mine too!!!
  4. Got an email from Coach today too! Wooo Hoooo!
  5. I got the email today! Woohoo! It seems like my destiny to use it. I feel this way because the boutique is 3 hours away and I had already planned a trip there for the Sept 16-18! Now I get to save some money or buy more coach! ;)

  6. Hey, Hey:


  7. thanks!!!!!!
  8. Same here... :confused1::confused1: And the closest Coach Boutique is about 3 hours away. Guess I have to make a 3 hours trip there. That means it won't be just one bag trip. :graucho::yahoo:
  9. I received mine.
  10. I received the "Save the Date" e-mail and I received a call from my boutique. The SA mentioned PCE and said I should receive an e-mail on Friday for it, but if I don't, they will take care of me. Sounds like the SAs are in the dark like us :nuts:
  11. I just got mine today too!
    I guess I need to look as some of the wish list threads to see if there is anything I want. I was hoping I wouldn't get an email! I'm trying to get rid of bags... but this is so hard to turn down.
  12. loving it! :biggrin:
  13. Same here....was told by an SA that I was not on the list to received PCE (but to come in and they would give it to me anyway) and got the email....only time will tell what their marketing plan is. I don't think it's good strategy to send an email like this if the recipient is not eligible to get the discount.
  14. I got two Save the Dates today .. like I need more stuff .. LOL!
  15. Got mine and am doing a little happy dance-:happydance: err limp-LOL!