Just got a "save the date" for PCE

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  1. That's what I was told at the store - only EPCE this time. I just got my email too. Sweet.
  2. OH - well so much for the store telling me it was only EPCE this time - I kinda didn't believe it. Why do they do that - tell you mis-information?
  3. Yay got it too! I agree it does say shop online. My store has also offered to process my PCE order over the phone, maybe your closest store could do this for you too? They can ship it to you....
  4. Just got my Save the Date email too!! :biggrin:
  5. I got the e-mail too! Yay!
  6. Got my save the date-woo hoo!! Can't wait to shop!!! :yahoo:
  7. Just got my EPCE notification for sept. 17th thru 26th. YAHOO!!
  8. YES i just got mine too :smile:
  9. Got it!!!
  10. I got two 'save the date' emails and a call from a FP store. The message from the SA said that the email will come today or tomorrow and must be printed and brought to the store. If somehow it gets deleted and not printed, they can reference it in their data base. Reading the email that did come, I do not think it's the discount, just meant to alert you to the coming email with the discount that can be used online, too. That's interesting!
  11. I just got a card in the mail in addition to the email - so they ARE sending both.
  12. Ok so its safe to assume that if you got the save the date then you'll get the actually e-pce?? Its kinda confusing.
  13. I just called my store, and actually she said that it doesn't necessarily mean just because you got the "save the date" email that you will automatically get the PCE. Although I'm willing to bet that every single person that got the email will - why else would they send it - that would be nasty!!

    She also told me something that someone else posted here - that Coach is really cracking down on the use of the PCE this time, and that you can only use it ONCE. I had her put a scarf and necklace on hold for me, and she said she won't put it through today (normally she would do it over the phone) because she wants to give me a chance to get into the store to make sure I have picked up everything I want, because it's a one-time-use only - no exceptions.

    Just FYI.
  14. me, too!! :yahoo:

    the wording in the email says "look for your exclusive email invitation to the event - don't miss it!"

    can hardly wait for the actual epce to come thru now!!!
  15. Yippee! Just got my email this morning telling me to "save the date"! September 17 - so near and yet so far!