Just got a "save the date" for PCE

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  1. Not the actual coupon yet, but a save the date for the PCE in my email!! Woohoo!!
  2. I just got mine too.
  3. I got mine too. My first one!!! :smile: Sooooooo excited.
  4. Me too!!!!
  5. Just saw mine...
  6. Me too! I was worried I wouldn't get one coz I didn't get a chance to use either PCEs I got the last time
  7. Just got mine too! I love the excitement and the anticipation....lol
  8. Woohoo - just got mine!!!
  9. yay I got one too!
  10. I just got mine too!
  11. Same!
  12. I just received mine too. So when do you actually get the ePCE or is this it?
  13. I just got one too... time to start planning my wish list!
  14. I believe this is the actual coupon.
  15. does this mean that no cards are actually being sent and it's just an email this time? and it sounds like there will be another email that is the actual coupon, right?