Just got a Rouge H box Jige.....I think

  1. I just got this baby today and I'm so in love with it. I know it's a Jige and that it's box but the color I'm not a 100% sure about but I think Rouge H. The seller had described it as burgundy in her listing and non of the pics showed the same color, lol, and the auction was in german so I didn't really understand much of it. It was a little exciting to see what would show up but I couldn't be happier with it. It's a little bit darker then the pics show IRL but I couldn't figure out how to shut the flash off so ... :shame:

    Also, someone was asking about the size differences between the Jige and the Jige elan the other day so I thought I'd post a pic of the two together for reference.
    Jigerouge.JPG Jige+elan.JPG
  2. oh fabulousness!
  3. LOVE it!!!

    It's definitely Rouge H and absolutely beautiful.....

    Oh how I want another Jige!!!
  4. Oh my... icechick... that is a real beauty! look at the sheen on that baby!
  5. Oh, both of your bags are soooooo lovely. Congrats on your new baby. She is stunning... TDF!!!!!
  6. OMG!!!!!! I am in LOVE!!!! Congrats!!! :yahoo: Beautiful bag for a beautiful person!!!:flowers:
  7. So very beautiful!!! I love it.
  8. Box in rouge H is always stunning. Congrats!
  9. That is really lovely. I'm sure it feels fabulous in your hand!
  10. Your Jige is beautiful! Enjoy in the best of health!
  11. This is ONE HOT BAG!!! Aaaah ... box ... rouge ... LOVE IT!!!:love:
  12. WOW- that is one gorgeous bag!
  13. Your Jiges are beautiful! That Rouge H box is just luscious!
  14. oooh, def rouge H! Love it!
  15. Congratulations icechick, that will really heat things up, eh!!

    Beautiful Jige!!!