Just got a purseket

  1. I ordered from Purseket on Saturday night and got it today. I just love it! It is the perfect solution for the Speedy to keep it organized. My stuff was rolling all around my speedy until I got this. It has so many pockets and as a bonus it helps give a little shape to the bag. I highly recommend it. I got the red and it amost exactly matches the red in the damier 30. I was skeptical, but I gotta say, it's worth the money. Btw, inside my speedy, I have the purseket, of course, and along the middle touching the bottom I have a complete change of clothes for my 3 year old, plus my agenda, pti, wapity, and I still have so much room! Love the speedy!
  2. That's great! I have the same Purseket, for the same purse! I also love the way the red matches the damier lining.
    I was annoyed at how much the purseket shipping cost was though!
  3. Funny -- I am just getting ready to order one and came to look here to figure out which size to get!

    Did you get the large for the Speedy 30??
  4. Take pictures ladies, Id love to see the purseket in the speedy. Thanks.
  5. Yes, large for the speedy 30. Give me 5 minutes and I'll post pics. Ok, here ya go. I'm sorry you can't really see the full interior. btw, that is a pair of socks for my toddler that I stuffed in one of the pockets.
    Picture 550.jpg Picture 551.jpg
  6. Great pictures - thanks for posting!

    I'm not sure what color to get now... :s ...am going to buy one for a mono Speedy...
  7. Those are great pics! I have the large ostriche (Spelled right?) in my mono...I love it.
  8. When I ordered my purseket they sold out of the Red so I got the Cranberry instead.
  9. Aren't they great? Now I can't imagine my speedy without it. Big plus, NOTHING touches the original lining, so the bleeding problem in the dami speedies is taken care of.
  10. I've been debating on whether to get one for my Mono Speedy30. They look great so I think I will get it.
  11. I ordered the large size in Ostrich this morning -- now I can't wait to get it!

    I really wanted red, but I wanted it to be as unnoticable as possible inside the bag.
  12. That's so good to hear I think I need one for my aurelia...I guess the rasberry