just got a prada deerskin multipocket hobo

  1. on sale at nm!


  2. Congrats....Prada deerskin holds up REALLY WELL!
  3. Congratulations.
  4. love it!!!!
  5. Sharp!! I've been admiring this bag for a while..Great every day bag!! Congrats!! :heart: Emmy
  6. Congrats!!!
  7. I have that exact bag, the exact same color. It's one of my favorites! It's a good size without being too big, easy to get in and out of and it even sits on my droopy shoulders without slipping off at all. One of many reasons I LOVE Prada is they seem to be the only bag designer that knows how to design a shoulder strap that stays PUT! :yes:

    I've said more than once that if I was told I could only keep one of my bags, that this would be the one.
  8. I love that bag--:yahoo: for you!!!
  9. Congratulations! I love when an amazing bag goes on sale! You'll love it. :yahoo:
  10. I really love this bag. I got to try it on IRL recently, and I was so close to getting it but the Chanel won out this time. It's on my list though.

    Great choice. Congrats!
  11. Nice purchase! Those pockets must be so great!
  12. congrats! it is a useful bag!
  13. Congrats! =)
  14. Perchance was this at a certain NM in the South last weekend? :graucho:

  15. Why yes, Prada, it was. :graucho:

    Chanel's are my weakness right now, but I love this bag so much.