Just got a pair of heels for $11.35 on zappos...

  1. repost of another thread...

    Zappos price: $96.35
    Piperlime price: $18.99 -- Free Standard Shipping
    Final Zappos price after PM: $11.35 -- Plus Free Overnight Shipping

    Link of the shoes

    they're ok, but for $11.35, I thought this was a deal
  2. wow - what a deal, gotta love pricematches. the shoes are quite cute too.
  3. I just ordered these! Thanks for posting!!
  4. how do i make it show for the $11 dollar price?
  5. You can't -- you have to call them at 800-927-7671 and tell them you want to pricematch to Piperlime (assuming both places have your exact same size and color).
  6. ohhhh - thanks for reminder about price matching!!!!
  7. Zappos is awesome! A few months ago, I scored a pair of gorgeous BCBG suede pumps for $30 because of the price matching! (Retail was $195!)
  8. Score!!!!!!
    I just ordered them. Ohhhh, I cant wait until Tuesday! Thanks so much for posting. :biggrin:
  9. That's a good deal.
  10. I love those shoes! They are just what I was looking for, but they have none left in my size :sad: hopefully they will show up again later today.
  11. wow great tip. I just ordered mine.
  12. I :heart::heart::heart: Zappos!

    The customer service people are always super friendly and the return policy is so easy and convenient. I just ordered some athletic shoes for my bf and the sales person went to another website I found the shoes for a cheaper price and did the 110% price match for me on the spot!
  13. Do you have the link to Piperlime? I can't seem to find the shoes on there. I doubt they have size 5, but it's such a great deal that I have to at least check. Zappos def has it in 5 though.
  14. Just looked it up, they are all out of the shoes. Someone posted them up on slickdeals and they must have been bought up!