Just got a new Petrol Spy from Bergdorfs!

  1. First of all, thank you MPark46 for mentioning they had one today!:flowers:

    I called them after I read your post & someone already had it on hold. I thought for sure it would be someone from PF who read that Bergdorf's had 1 last Petrol Spy. Anyway, she took my info & said if the other girl didn't call back or come in to get it she would let me know. Well, the SA just called & said the bag was mine! I'm just giddy! I sold my honey Spy a few months back & have regretted it ever since. The Petrol is my absolute dream color:love: Happy dance~
  2. congrats acegirl!! i can't wait to see pics!
  3. WOW!! congrats! u beat me to it! i'm jealous!!! yay!!!
  4. Thanks! I just PM'd you too;)
  5. Ha! I thought you were the one who had it on hold:P
  6. oh no! i had wanted to call but didnt get a chance!!!
  7. Congrats on your petrol spy, acegirl! Please post pics of you rockin' your new bag! Can't wait!
  8. Congrats!!!! I want that color too.

  9. How funny. It was me who had the Petrol on hold!!!!! :lol:
    I never called back b-cuz I couldnt figure out what I wanted to do.

    I'm glad it went to a purse forum member.
    Small world :P

  10. Oh my gosh, see I KNEW it had to be someone from here! We all have such great taste;) Thanks!!
  11. On another note with all my calling around looking for Spy colors I found a honey, a white and a silver/gold.

    I'm confused as hell. All three are great colors.

    I'm going to start a thread about it. i need help on whick one to choose :yes: :yes:
  12. Congrats on the Petrol! It's a beautiful color and I hope you enjoy it!
  13. Well, I had the Honey before & it's gorgeous! I would be too scared to carry a white one.

    & thanks everyone!
  14. Congrats!!! I am very happy for you!!!!
  15. congrats....please post pics...