Just got a Mulberry Tooled Bayswater from Saks sale!

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  1. I'm fairly new to Mulberry but have read some really great things about the bags so I though I would give it a shot. I got it for $525 (from $1195!) The color Saks stated was "nude".. I'm assuming it might be Oak.. I know their color selections are mislabeled sometimes..If anyone has any insight, I'd love to hear! I've never seen one of these before IRL, hoping I like it;) They still have some on Saks.com. Shopjune for additional 10% off & go through ****** for an additional 3% off. I figure I got the bag for 63% off!

    EDIT: NEVER MIND, Saks just emailed me & told me they were sold out.. Grrrr
  2. Sorry :yucky: Keep your eye out.....maybe someone will eBay theirs?
  3. I was at Saks NYC earlier this evening and saw several of the tooled Bayswater in NUDE/tan-color...they were all available on the shelves even around store-closing time. You might want to try giving them a call tomorrow morning. Or you can call the 1-800 Saks customer service # and ask them to track the Bayswater -- item ID #0411886422952 .....sometimes even if the online/catalog stock has been depleted, there's still quite a few left at stores around the country, and you can ask the online customer service agents to locate one for you and/or place an order directly (in which case you can still use your ShopJune 10% code).

    It was crazy at Saks NYC today during after-work hours -- they had a YSL medium Muse in black (the one that retails for $1095) marked-down by 30%.....it was a display item/final sale, but there were no visible defects with the bag....a great bargain. Too bad it was the only Muse they marked-down; if they had the large or a leopard one I'd have grabbed it in a heartbeat!
  4. Thanks for the info! Can I ask, what was your opinion of the "nude"? Too light, too blah?..
  5. Actually I'm quite fond of the nude/tan color -- it's a great neutral and will go easily with anything and everything. I don't think it's too light or too blah at all; it's one of the nicest lighter-colors I've seen in business-style totes (the white Bayswater also looks nice but the leather will be hell to keep clean). The Bayswater bags in black & nude/tan are top on my list of bags-to-get once my credit card recovers from the damage it's incurred this sales season.

    My only "reserve" is the tooled aspect/the Western details -- I personally would much prefer the classic Kate Moss-style Bayswater. But go have a look yourself....don't just take my word for it....b/c I know there are many people who actually prefer the tooled/Western-style Bayswater to the regular Bayswater. The tooled version ($1195) also retailed for a bit more than the regular one (~$995). The tooled version is on sale now for over 50% off, but the regular one is still regular price (for the black & nude/tan classic colors).

    If anyone comes across a sale for the black or nude/tan-colored **regular**/non-tooled Bayswater, please please please let me know!
  6. They are showing one online 6:11 PM EST 6/22. i'll PM you

  7. i just saw one oneline too
  8. Hope you don't mind me adding to this thread... I just picked up a mulberry selma satchel(glove leather) in nude. It's not a bayswater, but I thought I'd add that the nude color is a very pretty tan with a slight pink hue to it. I agree with an earlier comment that it is one of the prettiest "neutral" colors I've seen.:biggrin:
  9. there's no selling or buying on tPF or in PMs.
  10. http://www.mulberry.com ship internationally, but they are out of stock of oak and chocolate. Must be cos of the great price!

    They do still have the Butterfly bayswater though, at £347 instead of £695:yes:
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