just got a mono speedy 25 two weeks ago and

  1. now I want a mc bag! lol How did this happen? I don't know what to get though
  2. maybe a mirror? something fun! the print is pretty loud for a while bag. (although plenty of people here disagree)
  3. nah i dont like the mirror! I kinda want a mc speedy but i dunno! I'll have to see how much my tax return is! I may just get something small like the mc wapity!!
  4. lol, you're officially addicted! just like most of us here.
    the wapity is cute! i love all the MC small accessories!
    let us know what you get!
  5. I can imagine you wearing the black MC noe! :graucho:
  6. Its an evil addiction:smile:
  7. Yea, sometimes I know know if LV is to blaim or this site -HA! HA! All in due time, the MC will be yours!!!
  8. It IS an evil addiction! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAAA

    I can totally relate - I just got my speedy recently too and now I want that bag down below BAD. I mean BAD!
  9. Buy it! :graucho: I have it in fuchsia and its my all-time favorite bag!

  10. Ooooh I have see your fuschia bag!! It's gorgeous!! You enabler you! I will let you guys know when I get it! :smile:
  11. You've seen the pic of it hanging off the scooter? :lol: You should get it before the February price increase since its an expensive bag as it is. :yes: Also, this bag is not as common as the speedy.
  12. It's never ending :push: and always another one just around the corner.

  13. Yes I have seen it hanging off the scooter!! :yes: Do you love the fuschia?? Do you use it a lot? I haven't fully decided on the color thing yet. I "played" with it in the store about a month ago and just loved it! Good advice too about the price increase. Thanks!:smile:
  14. I haven't used it in a while because its a spring/summer bag and its still winter...we're supposed to have snow tommorrow! :s What colour did you try on at the store? I love the fuschia colour...I think its a lot more unique than blue denim. Also I heard that fuschia and green denim are limited, while blue denim is permanent.

    Which Speedy do you have? I have the monogram 30.
  15. if you want something MC, why not the Heart shape coin purse?