Just got a love bracelet but is it too small?

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  1. #1 Oct 8, 2019 at 7:58 AM
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2019 at 8:06 AM
    My first Cartier so being extra careful here. Went to the store and tried on 15 and 16. SA recommended 15 because 16 could spin near my wristbone. Got the 15 but been reading up on swelling in the summer / weight gain so now paranoid. Is my 15 too small? There is a bit more room near my wristbone but it gets tight as you move down towards the forearm. Should I exchange it for a 16? Pics attached. First pic is the lowest it will go on my wrist. I like it near my wristbone it is pretty roomy but it doesnt stay there. Thanks everyone!

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  2. It does look snug.
  3. I'm no expert but the way your 15 fits you looks very very similar to the way it fit my wrist. I went with the 16 as it moves more freely. With summer and pregnancy (not to mention aging) I'm sure my wrist will swell or change over time.

    In the last photo also, it looks like it wraps your wrist rather tightly. The right hand side, your wrist sort of is held tightly.
  4. I’d exchange it for a size 16. Looks too snug in my opinion.
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  5. I would go for 16 too. 15 looks a bit snug on you. Personally I prefer a little bit of wiggle room, plus you have to factor in that this is a piece of jewelry and you might gain weight.
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  6. Exchange for 16 it’s not a huge difference you will be happier it will have a little more wiggle room
  7. It looks too snug to me. I would exchange it for a larger
  8. ....I think it’s too snug, 16 will give you more room and comfort.
  9. Looks uncomfortable.
  10. I would 100% exchange for the 16.
  11. It looks to small in my opinion. I think that a size 16 will be better for you.
  12. This size is not flattering on your wrist.. Try the next size, IMO
  13. It looks to me like it's on the tight side, and with any increase in your wrist size it will become uncomfortable. Being a guy, I like mine tight-ish, but I think yours are even tighter than mine. Use this one.jpg

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  14. Another vote to size up
  15. I would get the 16 if I were you. Mine is 16, but in hindsight I regret not getting a 17 to account for swelling/pregnancy/etc.