Just got a long hair chihuahua - training tips?

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  1. I just got a long haired chihuahua and I'm trying to wee-wee pad train him. Any tips?

    And a pic I took - not a very good one, i'll be adding better ones :P

  2. How sweet!
  3. are you planning on having him use the pads for his whole life?
  4. OMG! I'm so jealous!! lolI can't wait to get another one. :smile:

    He/she is precious... anyhoo Maya was trained pretty quickly through positive reinforcement on the pee pads. Plus I would put her on it from time to time when I 'thought' she had to go. First thing in the morning, after eating, etc. Then I would give her a treat. I wouldn't get mad at her if she went on the floor I'd just clean it up and move on.
  5. My net is going so slow, but i'm in the process of adding new pics of Riley - it's just loading SO slow on photobucket!

    Yep. He's only 2 pounds, and they don't anticipate him getting much larger. We were advised by the vets to keep him wee-wee pad trained because he's susceptible to disease, etc. They also have us giving him this high calorie supplement. It's bizarre

    Oh yeah? Awesome. My MIL trained her dog using the wee-wee pads, and told me when the puppy peed on the floor to clean it with the wee-wee pad so it'd smell. I did that, and since then he's been peeing on the wee-wee pad! BUT he pooped on the kitchen floor this morning :sad: - so I put the poop on the wee-wee pad, hoping the next time he has to go he'll smell his poop there and go there? And as for treats, what do you suggest? He's so damn small I'm scared!
  6. never heard of a vet doing that, weird. where did you get him? looks like you've already got a few good tips. if you catch him "in the act", immediately grab him and put him on the pad. positive reinforcement when he does go on the pad if very good :smile:. don't do anything crazy like rubbing a dog's nose in it when he makes a mistake, it does no good, just frightens them. make sure you have several of the pads around the house so the dog doesn't have to go far. take him outside sometimes too to go the bathroom so he doesn't just think he always has to go on the pads. try out several treats, cooked meat, commercial treats, etc. and see what works best. little bites of treats are best, especially since its a small dog. good luck!
  7. Yay more pictures!:jammin:

    You can reward Riley with his own dog food if you are nervous about other treats.

    Edited to add- I think they put every baby Chihuahua on the high calorie supplement, Maya was on it. Their blood sugar can drop too low and that can be dangerous to them, so this is why.
  8. Aww..he is just adorable, can't wait to see more pics!
  9. Sooo cute!!

    Listen to Danica--she knows what she's talking about:smile:
  10. More pics!

  11. Thanks so much Danica and gymangel812! GOOD NEWS! I took him to the pet store today in my jacket looking for toys for him. When we came back I set him on the floor and he walked right over to the wee-wee pad and peed on it all by himself!!! Woohoo!
  12. Oh bloody hell that is one cute doggie..

  13. How old is your dog?? The vet's office that I used to work for always told clients to never take them to pet stores, etc. until they had at least 3 out of the 4 necessary puppy shots...otherwise, they are exposed to tons of harmful germs:yucky:

    It was so sad when clients would bring in 8 week old puppies who had contracted parvo bc owners took him to a pet store, dog park, etc....just an FYI bc before I worked there I didn't know that either:yes:
  14. It is true, do not bring the puppy out until he has completed all their shots. I have a 7yrs old long fur chi baby :smile: I am currently looking for a female chi :smile:

    They are soo dainty and cute :heart:
  15. My parents got him - and they said he was over 3 months.