Just got a Kooba Katy!

  1. My new Kooba Katy in eggplant arrived today. It's really a nice bag. It's being Wilsoned as we speak, so I haven't carried it yet, but I think it will be pretty versatile. It's a little bigger than I thought - it can fit quite a lot! It's also one of the more durable Koobas, I think. Definitely not a leather that will have to be babied (well, beyond my usual Wilson's ritual). I have found myself lately with a few beautiful bags that I'm almost scared to use, so it will be nice to have something I don't have to be worried about.
  2. Congrats. Please post pics!
  3. Yes, please post pics! Congrats and enjoy your new bag!
  4. The eggplant is a pretty color. I am really starting to like the shape of that bag. Congrats!
  5. Pictures do nothing for this bag btw...once I tried it on - I fell in love with it!
    I originally went to the last sale for a linda and came home with a Cuioi and a Lava Katy.
    It's just such a RICH looking bag - so classy and comfortable - plus the sides are awesome b/c they have this buckle detail - Love this bag!!!!!!!!! all three colors are beautiful btw!
  6. you're starting a thread about your new bag and your not even posting pics? :sad:
  7. Sorry, that's not cool, I know! I got so busy that I never got around to it with the holidays and working. I really will try to get to it!
  8. Happy for your Katy purchase! I am thinking of a Dylan or Eden. After reading the Katy comments, maybe I should entertain buying a Katy.
  9. Okay, here are my pictures of my Kooba Katy in eggplant! Sorry it took me so long.
    IMG_2647_2_1_1.JPG IMG_2648_3_1_1.JPG IMG_2649_4_1_1.JPG IMG_2651_1_2_1.JPG IMG_2652_1_1.JPG
  10. Sarahsar, I love your Kooba Katy in eggplant! Maybe eggplant will become the new black.
  11. Thank you!

    LOL, maybe it will! It's a very versatile color. A great neutral that goes with just about anything.
  12. May I ask if this bag is lightweight? I've had a couple Kooba's in the past and they were heavy.:sad:
  13. It is a lot lighter than some of the earlier Koobas like the Sienna, which are very heavy bags. I don't know that I would call it lightweight exactly, but given it's size it's pretty light. It's a bigger bag than I would have thought by looking at the pictures, and I think for a bag of its size, it's not too heavy.
  14. ^^ Thank you, I just emailed revolve, they say it's about 3lbs. and you are right, it's not considered lightweight...I love the design so much, but I have had a 3lbs. bag in the past, I ended up selling it. :crybaby:
  15. That bag is gorgeous - congratulations! It looks like a great combination of ladylike polish and slouchy cool. (I don't actually talk like this, but you know what I mean!)