Just got a Konstantino Bracelet!!!I LOVE IT

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  1. I seen this bracelet in the NM book awhile ago and really liked it....Then SWANKY (its your fault ;) )posted her bracelet and I Loved the way it looked...SO Here is My new XMAS present to myself .....I want MORE NOW:nuts:
    I posted pictures with it next to my Watch...It looks better with my rolex then the J12 but to be honest I might just wear it on my other wrist alone or I MIGHT just have to get MORE Konstantino bracelets for my wrist and layer them:drool:
  2. LOVE it!!
    but you knew I'd say that! They're addictive!

    I think you need just one more!:lol:
  3. I KNOW!!
    The bracelet looks SO MUCH BETTER in person then in the picture...(you know that) I just LOVE IT...Next on my list is the double strand charm with the crosses...I wish they made this bracelet for men ...in a bigger/bolder look ...MY DH would love it...
    Thanks again for turning me on..:heart:
  4. the double strand I have?
    LOVE it too!
  5. I'm all for the layered look! Go for it! (and be sure to post pics so we can drool some more!)
  6. OMG, im so jealous!! LOL.
    yes, you must layer em.
  7. I am blinded by all your bling! It's gorgeous!
  8. gorgeous!!!! Glad you love it!
  9. I liked it so much I got another one;)
    I like the way 2 look together PLUS if I attach both of them together I can wear it on my neck as a choker style/necklace

  10. I need to try one of these on! Love it on you!
  11. So cute! I love the design!
  12. STUNNING...love it with your watch.
  13. Very pretty!
  14. Congrats! I bought this one and the double strand one after seeing Swanky's. I just love them!
  15. Very pretty, congrats!