Just got a Kale Tate from Overstock but I think it's going back...

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  1. #1 Feb 3, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2010
    Has anyone ordered a Kale bag from Overstock? I got the Tate in confederate (a medium grey) and it's such a disappointment. I love the design, the size and the lining, but the leather is weirdly flat and the color has already rubbed off in a few tiny places.

    Plus, it has a leather fob on the zipper instead of the tassel I've seen on other Kale Tates. Wah. I wanted this one to be great!

  2. Sounds like that bag has major shop wear, good luck finding another one! Kale makes a great bag!
  3. It's so weird, though. It doesn't even look like it's been used, it just looks like the color rubs off really easily. I just can't imagine it won't end up a scratched up mess after one carry.
  4. Can you post pics?
  5. Sounds like you have made your decision. Sorry it ddidn't work out for you.
  6. I'd send it back. It doesn't sound like it would wear well...
  7. Yeah, it's just so weird, different from other Kale leather. It's almost rubbery? Anyway, pics attached. It's definitely going back, but I wanted to let folks know because they have some super-low prices on Kale bags at Overstock right now.

    I've added some bad iPhone photos. Probably hard to see, but he faint white marks are where the color has come off.

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  8. It stinks when you look forward to something and it doesn't work out! :sad: Been there. Done that! Just return it and move on and you will feel loads better! On to the next great purchase!:balloon: