Just got a Gussto bag!

  1. I have been fighting the craving all week for the Gustto bag and I finally today decided to take the plunge. I got this bag but in a caramel color.Its not really heavy and I love the look and feel of the leather. I cannot say enough about the quality either.. I am loving it
    Gustto Mariana - shopbop.com
  2. Congratulations! It's gorgeous!
  3. Congrats, Claudia!...she's a beauty! Please take pics of you wearing it, it must look gorgeous on as well.
  4. That is such an awesome bag; good choice.
  5. beautiful=) I have the gussto craving too....... congrats!
  6. thanks :smile: its a fun bag and great for the money too..
  7. Congrats on your new bag! I've seen the line carried at my local Nordstrom and the leather feels really soft!

    Enjoy it!
  8. beautiful
  9. Not bad and it's roomy.
  10. Gorgeous bag!!! I love it!!
  11. I love that bag too! I wish I "needed" it.
  12. does anyone know how to protect the leather without ruining it??
  13. Congratulations on your purchase. I'm dying for a Baca! I'm glad to hear the quality is great.
  14. I love that!
  15. cute bag .. congrats