Just got a great deal today!

  1. I just went to LV in Holts today to purchase a new Taiga Kendall PM (chose it so my DH can use it too) before the price increase in Canada.

    As I was paying I asked the SA if I can pick it up tomorrow. She asked me are you going on a trip soon and I said 'yes but not until December'. She then asked me if I can wait until Nov. 15 to pick it up then can I get $100 Holt Renfrew gift card for the purchase (they are having their cash back day). Then I said if I purchase it then, won't the price go up? The SA told me that I will put you down for a pre-purchase and you will be guarantee the price before the increase!

    Wow, that is like saving 3% plus getting $100 off the bag. Going to be getting my tag heat stamped (my DH and I share the same intials) so, can't wait to go pick it up! :yahoo:
  2. wow, great deal indeed! :yahoo:
  3. Hey that's awesome! Congrats! :nuts:
  4. what a nice SA!
  5. What a great SA! And congrats on the deal!
  6. wow nice! i have yet to find an SA that can help me since my cousin stopped working at LV =[
  7. Yes, I like the Holt Renfrew shopping night. I saved the big purchases for the shopping nights. It's really a good deal if you have something you would like to purchase but can wait!! :P
  8. Awesome!
  9. Wow~Congrats!! What a nice SA!!!!!
  10. Yay congrats!
  11. what an awesome SA! i love SA who are truly kind and look out for the customers!
  12. Yes, that's very great deal!
  13. That's great Congrats!
  14. Congrats! What an awesome SA!:wlae:
  15. Great deal, congrats!!
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