Just got a delicious bag, Italian designer,Nuovedive...

  1. Shiny Italian leather and absolutely gorgeous! I don't think they are popular but this purse looks like a premier designer purse at a glance. Will try puttng up pics..

    Got it at an amazing price too :tup:
  2. Please post pics! Would love to see it!!
  3. I have a nice red satchel from Nuovodive. It gets lots of compliments.
  4. Yes, post pics. I'd love to see. Congrats!
  5. That's where I ordered mine from. It shipped from Italy and was delivered in 24 hours! Watching the tracking was a blast.
  6. Quite a few bags from this brand show up at my TJ Maxx. They are lovely. Everytime I pull one off the rack, I am surprised by the lower price. I always expect them to be more expensive. They look much pricier.
  7. I see them as well in TJMaxx and they are good looking bags at an even greater price. Congratulations!