Just got a cool bag! Need sleuthing....

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  1. A friend of mine just sold me the neatest bag! :love: She used to own a children's clothing store, and has contacts for wholesale stuff.

    I am wondering if it is a knockoff of some kind....although I have never seen it before. It's distressed plastic coated fabric (black with the gold fabric showing through in the distressed areas, and has rivets about the diameter of a pencil eraser on it. Single shoulder bag handle, with antiqued brass rings attaching it to the bag. It measure about 15 x15 x2 d.

    The inside tag has CMZ on it, and the cardboard tag hanging on the outside says CMZ (cartoon pic of a lady with a bag on her shoulder). The back says:
    STYLE NO: 186
    COLOUR: BLACK (11)

    I want to share a picture...it's so cute!

    Any Sherlock's out there? LOL

    Oh, and I just checked ebay...there are some CMZ bags, but this is not like any of them. I hope it not a knock off of some kind...it's so cute. :sad:
  2. hmmm *putting on my thinking cap*