Just got a call from the Police re: my Ebay item

  1. Have they investigated the person from whom YOU purchased the item. If indeed it was stolen (by them not you) eBay should have all the pertinent info.

    Just because you can't see the auction doesn't mean eBay cannot.

    I would explain the date code as analogous to a "model" number not a serial number, that might help.
  2. Considering I purchased the item on 1/25/11 and the accusers item was stolen on 8/10/12, I don't think my seller is at all implicated ;)
  3. Can't ebay provide them with that information? They should have a database that has all the transactions that happen each day and the amount of each. I wonder if you went to your bank (or CC) and asked for that month's statement you could get the numbers to match up with a sale in ebay's records from 1/25/11. That should prove you've had the items for 18 months, not a few days. No?
  4. About the person who you believe might be the victim, the one who contacted you with questions about the purse : you might consider doing an information request on her. I think you are more than entitled to, since E-bay has given the police all of your information.
  5. i think the OP should contact consumerist about this (its a website run by consumer reports)

    they can do an investigation for her and seek a response from ebay about this.

    its a bit scary about how we are expected to have documentation for every big ticket item we purchase.
  6. Happy Birthday!! I'm so sorry you've got this sucky situation to deal with, especially today. Hopefully they'll close the investigation as to you so you can forget about this.
  7. To what end? eBays privacy policy allows to disclose my info to the authorities and it's the police that were asking for proof of ownership not eBay.
  8. I've considered it.. At a minimum to see if they are from NYC but won't they then have access to my info? At this point eBay has only provided my info to the police not to the 'victim'. The last thing I want is her harassing me or filing a civil suit.
  9. on what grounds would the "victim" be filing suit?

    see if you can demand the info from either the police or ebay under the FOIA.
  10. Wow, what a crazy story! So sorry you've having to deal with all of this, TinksDelite...especially today, when it's your birthday! I hope you can still manage to have a good day/evening today...Happy Birthday!
  11. I have no clue.. people can sue over anything!! I'm walking away from this entire situation for now.. unless I hear more from the detective its a closed case as far as I'm concerned.

    I decided to pull the auction.. really because of the sour taste this whole thing has given me, I'd rather hold on to it for now.
  12. I would think that would be more suspicious. I would contact that officer/detective and let him know.

  13. It's already been pulled. I have nothing to hide, I'm an innocent party, I have proof of ownership through my purchase history with both ebay & paypal.

    Not to mention, I feel it's riskier to sell it right now & potentially get another innocent party involved (for receipt of 'stolen' goods or other such nonsense).

  14. You need to do what you are most comfortable with.. the decision is

    yours to make...

    And in spite of this unpleasantness, HAPPY BIRTHDAY... enjoy it!!!;)
  15. That's a good point. Don't blame you for pulling the auction.