Just got a call from my SA...good news for speedy buyers!

  1. hi everyone,

    just thought I'd share this bit of information with you...:yes:

    my SA just called me and told be that of course the price hike is confirmed (I actually was the one who first broke the news to her, I told I found out from the purse forum...she had no clue!) and she told me that the Azur items will probably not be included in the price hike...as well as the Monogram Speedies 25, 30. She said the mono speedies aren't included probably because they are such a popular item...anyone else hear the same news?? I guess it great for us azur buyers and potential speedy owners!:yahoo:

    I hope this information is acurate!
  2. Yes, I heard the same thing! I didn't ask about the mono speedies but about the Damier Azur.
  3. Great news as I am looking at something from the Azur line. Hmmm...maybe I can get something sooner than I thought. :biggrin:
  4. I also heard that the Azur Speedies wouldn't be affected, but I hadn't heard about the Mono ones. I hope you are right!!! I was going to rush and buy the Mono Speedy 25 tomorrow. LOL. I'm glad to know I can wait until next month. :smile:
  5. I know it's great! I'd just double check with another SA just to make sure!!!:yes:
  6. OH MY! That is awesome!! Thanks for the info!
  7. Seasonal items are not going to be included in the price increase.
  8. I would assume items made in all three lines (mono, damier, azur) would have the same price across the board???
  9. that's great news......

    thanks for the info
  10. you would think...she only mentioned the mono to me though??:confused1:
  11. wo0o00o0o0ho0o0o0!!! thanks for that info!! :smile:
  12. WOW!! :nuts: thats awesome...hmmm speedy 30...:shame:
  13. :P :nuts: :drool: mmm...I think I caught the speedy bug...I want one in every size...
  14. I hope that this is true. I am still lusting after a mono speedy 30. Perhaps for my summer bag. Thanks for the info!!
  15. That would be great!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I know my coveted french purse is going up though:sad: ...do you think there is something wrong when a wallet costs more than a speedy?