Just got a BV from Yoox

  1. It's a beautiful bag (see link below). But when I got the bag today, there was no authenticity card, no serial number inside the bag, no sleeper bag either. I'm confused. Yoox sells authentic stuff right? But... why all these are missing :confused1: I am a new designer bag owner and this is my first BV. What should I do? :sad:Any suggestions, ladies?

  2. hi forevercla, i have never shopped at yoox but will never except delivery of a new bv that doesn't come with a dustbag, authenticity tag with serial numbers and care cards. that's just unacceptable practice from a supposedly legit store. would you be able to get a full refund if you returned the bag?
  3. From the pics the bag looks authentic but perhaps you could post some pics of the interior in the authenticate thread. I've never bought bags from yoox but I did buy a jacket once a long time ago and it was certainly authentic. I would expect a serial number to be in the bag, have you checked the inside pocket lining??? but maybe they don't have the dustbag and cards because they are not an authorised reseller of BV. A long time ago I bought a chloe bag from Net-a-porter and it came with a NAP dustbag instead of a Chloe one.
  4. I know from having bought other designer goods from stores/retailers like Yoox that they may be selling gray market goods. That is, the items are authentic but have been resold by authorized dealers. Often, during their journey, the cards and ancillary items like the dust bags, go missing. If that was the case, they should have told you about any missing bits in the listing. I would get in touch with them to discuss it, though.
  5. Thanks you ladies for your reply. I thought Yoox sells authentic stuff. I bought a couple of Dolce & Gabbana bags from them before and they all come with authenticity card. The inside of the bag is suede. I checked but didn't see any serial number... I'll get some pics today.
  6. All the interior of my BV are suede, BV do not display their labels as prominently as other designer's and make sure you check the weave part for flaws (if the leather is not as nicely finished in any part)... BV is prized for their workmanship in their leather products.

    I do think YOOX is legit though.
  7. The tags with the numbers are not particularly easy to find - if there is an interior zipped pocket it is sewn into the edge of that so you basically have to turn the pocket inside out to find it...

    What could possibly have happened with the bag was that it was purchased and then returned, and whomever returned it didn't return the cards and the sleeper bag. Depending on Yoox's return policy they might have accepted the return - and then been left with a bag without those items to resell. I had also heard that Yoox was legit so definitely check for the tag with the serial numbers - if that is there and seems to check out I wouldn't worry too much more about it. (But what do I really know - having just bought fiasco-bag off eBay... sorry, still smarting about that).
  8. Yoox definitely sells authentic items,i'm a customer from years...:tup:
    So,i have no doubts about authenticity...but,if it bothers you,explain the situation the customer service and,if they won't be able to help you,just send it back :sad:
    Unfortunately i think there are no many chances to get cards and dustbag because,if they had it,they'd have them shipped along with the bag.I once got a wallet without box...asked them and they couldn't help.I ended keeping it because it didn't bother me too much compared to the deal price the wallet was sold for...but i can understand it can bother :push: Good luck dear!!:p:flowers:
  9. I just heard back from Yoox. The reply sounds standard but reassures that it's definitely legit. I love the bag. The leather is soft yet not flimsy, the weave is very nice. I will upload some pics when I get home.

    Thanks you ladies for your reply :flowers:
  10. Well, that's good news! Glad you feel better about it - now enjoy that bag and post action pix, please!
  11. For future reference, yes Yoox is 100% legit but you may encounter some issues like people have had with Bluefly and Overstock where someone returned a fake. They have a very generous return policy so I wouldn't be surprised if someone tried to exploit it.
  12. Hi ladies, I check the bag as BookerMoose suggested. And there it is! In the very inner corner of the inner zipper bag is the serial ID number. The little white corner in the third picture is where the serial number is.
    IMG_0104.JPG IMG_0106.JPG IMG_0107.JPG
  13. Haven't shopped with Yoox, but the bag is gorgeous! :yes:
  14. Oh, congrats, forevercla, it`s a gorgeous bag! I think it`s called either the Parma or the Palermo (darn it, I can`t remember this every time- all I know it`s called after an Italian city I would wanna visit for holidays!)
  15. Great!! now you can fully enjoy this yummy looking purse, congratulations!! Could you please post some action pics? I've never seen this one IRL and am so curious how it looks!!