Just got a black patent leather B. Bag!

  1. This is officially my first Fendi! I was in NYC with my Mom and G-mom (see http://forum.purseblog.com/louis-vuitton/the-lv-nyc-has-been-ransacked-lots-pics-136200.html for full details of the damage done) and just had to go into the Fendi Boutique. I mean how often are you in NYC...the Mother Lode for purses.

    This beauty just caught my eye and I had been looking for a black bag. I loooove it! It's like a big bar of licorice.:p

  2. Beautiful bag!! Congrats:heart:
  3. Congrats! Love the patent look.
  4. Gorgeous & stunning bag! Congrats! =)
  5. WOW I love it too!
    I used to be a Prada/Miu Miu addicted but this Fendi B has me in ecstasies...
    Pleas post modeling pix.
  6. WOWOWOW!! :drool:
  7. OMG! The patent leather is fabulous! Its gorgeous, Congrats!
  8. It's beautiful - congratulations on your new purchase! :heart:
  9. What an elegant bag. LOVE it!:heart:
  10. Thanks for the comments. They do have B bags on the NM website in lots of different colors. Here is a modeling pic.
  11. ^ Velma Kelly, you look great with it! I love this bag, I'm so happy for you. =)
  12. oooo, looks amazing on you - congrats!!
  13. Lovely :smile: I love using my B. Fendi, the only thing I have a gripe with is the closure.
  14. ^^ ITA. The closure is not the easiest thing to negotiate and I'm afraid of putting too much pressure on the leather when I press it shut. I've been tilting it so I can see where the snap is, which has made it a little quicker to close.
  15. Gorgeous !!! and it's perfect on you !!!
    This one could be seriously my next purchase ;)
    Congrats on your first Fendi !!!!