Just got a black Epi Koala Wallet

  1. It's gorgeous and can hold a lot of credit cards and it has a huge currency pocket that will do my receipt collecting justice. The coin pocket is small...maybe too small. We'll have to see. But it looks great with my silver metallic balenciaga box.

    I've attached some pics. The light isn't great, but they should give you an idea.
    040806 156.jpg 040806 157.jpg
  2. That's a fantastic wallet! Epi's a beautiful material. Enjoy!
  3. wow i've been wanting a koala wallet for some time!
  4. It's Beautiful! ENJOY!
  5. It's gorgeous, I think the shift over to the silver hardware works very well in this case !
  6. I agree.
    I think the silver hardware blends well with myrtille and black epi. But I think the original gold hardware looks better with the mandarine, red, and mocha epi.
  7. i've been wanting a koala for a while now also. it looks great in the epi leather and you can never go wrong with black. congrats.
  8. Thanks everyone. I agree the silver hardware looks great with the black. They had red and blue as well. I looked at the monogram Koala wallet but the gold hardware/clasp is larger and more clunky. I didn't like it as much.
  9. It is darling.
  10. Wow, that's one stylish looking wallet... ! Yummy!!