Just got a berry!!!what is a must have program or game to put on it ????

  1. Hello everyone!!
    I just got my berry pearl and I love not having to call in to check my emails!! But its not as fun as the iphone or can it?
    So ladies and gents what is a must have program?games?websites for berry users?

    Thank you and happy holidays!!!
  2. Boo the pearl ball color change doesn't work for my 8130 boo lol
  3. Yes I downloaded this for my blackberry. Its so cute:smile:
  4. Anything else anyone ?? I hope this isn't it
  5. so you have the curve then right?
  6. SUDOKU!!
    i am addicted to sudoku for blackberry.
  7. the 8130 doesn't have the color led's like the pearl does pooey
  8. ^ I know boo lol I even downloaded it hoping it would work
  9. Opera mini, its another browser, its more myspace compatibe, u can learn everything about berrys on blackberryforums.com
  10. There are 3rd party apps, but not as many compared to Windows Mobile platforms. I'd search for Blackberry developer forums to find stuff.