Just Got A Berkeley!!

  1. I have been shopping around for a bigger purse than my Gucci bucket bag & didn't think I'd end up with a LV Berkeley. This is my first LV purchase for myself & I'm so excited. Honestly, I didn't think much of the Damier collection before but when I went to the store & saw the Berkeley, I really liked it. Also the gold plaque on it makes it look so much nicer.

    The inside is pretty roomy for me & it's just beautiful! It's got a microfiber suede-like red fabric in there makes it so soft. 2 pockets inside & side pockets on the outside of the purse. (I love pockets!)

    This is the most expensive purse I have ever bought! I cannot buy another purse for a loooong time lol. I'm not going to tell my bf how much it really cost which is $1420 + tax, I'm just going to say about $1000 which is already expensive enough........anyone else fib about how much they paid for a purse to significant others??

    Oh yeah I need help with this part. I really want to get the Vernis Ludlow coinpurse but don't know which color to get. My top choices are Amarante (almost black) or Pomme D'Amoure (red). They didn't have the new purple color in that style which was a very cute color. I always happen to have black coinpurses but it does match with everything......but the red is sooo pretty but kinda bright, but sales associate told me it would match the inside of my Berkeley :tup: So which color would you pick?


    Here's pictures of my bag & some modeled pics so you can see how it looks on a human :p (Whoops, sorry they're kinda big)

  2. congrats, it looks GREAT! and as for the ludlow, go for POMME! It's such a gorgeous color and it looks fantastic with Damier!
  3. Congrats!
  4. Pretty! congrats on your new Berkeley and enjoy her.
  5. Looks really great! Go for pomme ludlow!
  6. Congrats, lovely Berkeley :flowers:
  7. She's beautiful!:love:
  8. Love the Berkeley! congrats!
  9. Thanks for posting the pictures!! It looks great on you!

    I just put one on hold plus the mono denim scarf and I plan to pick it up tonight, i'm so excited :smile:
  10. Congrats, the Berk looks amazing on you!!!

    I love pomme so I would vote for that as the colour for your new coin purse! :love:
  11. Congrats, love it...looks great on you!

    I say Pomme too, it goes great with Damier!
  12. You guys are the best :tup: I called up the store & ordered the Pomme L'Amour coinpurse. I'll post pics again when I get it :yahoo:
  13. :nuts: Congrats!!! She looks wonderful on you :drool:
  14. She's beautiful and looks absolutely FAB on you!!
  15. Congratulations!