Just got 2 gorgeous shoes!!

  1. Flats:



    Flip Flops:


  2. i love the flats!! how much are they?
  3. Those flats are TDF. And love the sandals. Congrats!!!
  4. Oh wow! Love them both *especially* the red ones! Enjoy wearing them!
  5. Love those flip flops!!!!!!
  6. The Flats are $475

    The box says,
    07P G25613Y20656


    Awww thanks!!!
    I'm def. going to wear the red shoes tonight!! They are to DIE for!!

    Oh, and the sandals are comfortable and FUZZY like!! You have to try them!
  7. Cute:smile:
  8. cute... may I ask how much the flip flops were?

  9. They were $295 :smile:
  10. Those are great, I am starting to love flats...
  11. Very cute- the flats are gorgeous!
  12. I adore those flip flops!
  13. They are lovely!
  14. Oh gorgeous! CONGRATSSSSS!!!! I'm so jealous! I just saw the animal sandals IRL and it was sooo cute, the only problem I have with me is that the bottom of my feet get dirty all the time (I have no idea why hahahaha) so that would tranfer to the cloth? I really want a pair though!!!!!!!!
  15. They are absolutely gorgeous!!! Congrats!