Just got 07 Argent Paddy from NAP...can't decide whether to keep!

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  1. I just received an Argent Paddington from NAP this afternoon. I am loving how subdued the metallic color is, and I think the bag is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

    My one concern is about all of the reports of "rubbing" I have read about on the forums. I am just wondering if anyone could provide me with some guidance on what to do. I am very gentle with my purses, but I am worried that I will accidentally bang it into something (also about the lock pressing against the leather!). I read that the 07 metallics were a little bit better about the finish not rubbing off as much. Any truth to this?

    I love the bag, but I don't want to have to keep it locked away to keep it in a decent condition. :tdown:

    Thanks, as always! :heart:
  2. Congratulation on your new bag!!:tup: I had an '06 Argent Paddy and I did have trouble with the finish rubbing off. I carried it very carefully, but after about a week the finish was rubbing off the sides, bottom and handles, so I very regretfully sent it back.

    The good news is that I have also heard that the '07 metallic paddys seem to be better. I would say, carry it for a couple of weeks and if the finish hasn't started to rub off, it probably won't. If it does start to rub off, I would think that NAP would let you return it as defective.
    Good luck!!:smile:
  3. The finish rubs off unfortunately and this happens to all of them. I try not to even think about it!
  4. i have a argent wallet that i got for xmas, its pulled in and out of my bag and the only sign of wear is one of the corners has slightly rubbed off. i am really tempted to get the paddington in this colour but have seen what some metalic bags look like after wear, some are ok like the aubergine and darker colours as they have a dark undertone leather, however the agent has a base leather tan colour and when worn down to this would look really bad.
    have any of you got a argent paddy thats worn so we could see how bad they get.
  5. What about anthracite? Would it still look natural when parts are worn?
  6. i think it would as it had black leather underneath where as the argent has tan and looks so bag when its rubbed of!
    anthracite and the aubergine look fine when worn, the argent just looks terrible!
  7. I have a second-hand aubergine - which arrived to me in a very abused condition. It has rubbed quite extensively, but the above comments about the under color being dark are true. Even though it is quite beaten up - it looks ok - and I don't have to worry about it rubbing off any more...

    eBay has had some of the metallic lighter colors of the paddingtons - which show good signs of what the rubbing will look like. In your case, it will wear through to a light tan color.

    The metallics are stunning, but you may want to consider getting a darker shade so that the potential rubbing will be less noticable.

    Rubbing was mostly on corners and handles - what you have asked about the lock - didn't have lock rubbing marks surprisingly.

    Good luck with making your decision to keep etc.
  8. What did I miss a sale? Argent 07 paddy? Great find!:tup: Just be careful with the bag rubbing excessively.