Just getting started...

  1. Just bought my gucci this week and already planning on another LV. Bags are sooooo addictive! I also have the sunglasses too. Shopping is my weakness for sure.
    DSC00871.JPG DSC00872.JPG DSC00873.JPG DSC00878.JPG DSC00879.JPG
  2. here are more of them
    DSC00880.JPG DSC00881.JPG DSC00869.JPG DSC00868.JPG
  3. cute collection! i really like your gucci
  4. Nice collection. A little of evrything. Love the gucci.
  5. a great collection, love the Azur pochette.
  6. Very cute collection!! I love everything!!
  7. Love the azur and burberry-
  8. Love your gucci bag
  9. Nice!
  10. Everything is cute!
    Like them all!
  11. Well, plan on TPF making you a bigger purse monster. lol

    Cute collection!
  12. Love everything. I love sunglasses too! You can never have enough!!
  13. Nice collection. Thanks for sharing.
  14. ha ha ha how true. Since joining I have bought the Gucci and just ordered the LV neverfull and thinking what else I can buy lol.:p
  15. Your right never can have too many of anything lol. Which do you have? My favorite are the Roberto Cavalli's and the Prada's. The gucci's I have are a little to out there but cute still and the burberry's just broke :crybaby: I loved those glasses.