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  1. ...in case I haven't made myself clear enough: No advertisements, spamming, linking or promoting of fake bags in here. Not just in the Deals & Steals, but forum-wide. Threads will be closed and their links removed.

    Give faux no chance.


  2. Of course, you can always ask for opinions if you're unsure about a bag's authenticity... that's a whole different story.

    I'm not really concerned about our regulars promoting fakes, this is more of a signal to all the brave first time posters who think they can get away with it.

    Just putting it black on white once and for all times.
  3. You know what, Vlad ... I was thinking about this the other day.

    A bunch of us have posted photos (in our 'special' sections). If I have something up on eBay, I make sure to Watermark the photos so that those unscrupulous scammers don't copy them to sell crap on their FAKE auctions.

    However, they could come on here as a guest and 'copy' them, right? Is there a way that we could block the copy of the photos? Or, would we have to watermark them?
  4. What I dont understand then is how come when we go into purseforum or purseblog right smack in our face are websites clearly selling fake bags? How many times have members questioned these websites and worse enough how many have already purchased from them thinking it is genuine because purseblog is advertising them?
  5. We are not in control what advertisers use Google's ads program to show their ads. Those advertisers are not official partners of either PurseBlog, nor PurseForum. We do not guarantee their authenticity, either. We use their program to partially cover the operational costs of our sites, as they range around $1.5k a month. The forum does not show Google ads to its members anymore, as you may have noticed.
  6. Oh my goodness!!! 1.5K a month???? I would be more than happy to pay a small membership fee to offset your fees. This board has been a godsend (I have learned so much!) and I just love the posters and the vibe of the board. I am sure that many other people would agree with this; just an idea if necessary. :idea:
  7. ^^ Yea it gets quite pricey!!! Vlad and I were running on a much less powerful server for a while, but finalyl realized that it was hurting the Blog and Forum and the members most of all. Our site kept going down because the server could not hold the content that was running on here. Vlad and I decided to get a much more powerful machine, which we just started using now, and things are running great! We just have to cover the costs... but we are more than happy to do it because we love this site too!

    That is where the ads come in. Google can put up whatever ad, and we have no idea what it will be. That is why Vlad and I decided to change the ads for the forum and it's members, so that you would not get the google ads. Like we have said many times, google can put up authentic and fake sites, it just depends on who is advertising with them. If you ever have a question about a site, make sure to ask first!! :smile:
  8. Good to hear you do NOT support the sale of ANYTHING fake! I'm so tired of counterfeit stuff. It makes those of us who are trying to clean up the Net's reputation. Seems like anything sold on the Net is said to be fake. That's not true. There are some good places to buy "below" retail priced Designer Handbags and Accessories. I really want to help clean up the Net. Thanks
  9. thanks for making this clear vlad and megs! as a new member for about 3 weeks, I was wondering as well.
  10. No Fakes!
  11. totally no FAKES!!:amuse: