Just FYI anyone interested in the Juniper Legacy bags

  1. I ordered the shoulder bag today and I asked if there was going to be a matching wristlet. The SA called and yes there is - $98 and just like the other leather legacy wristlets w/the turnlock closure. Available for order now as well. I havent seen this juniper color in person so this is a big leap of faith for me to order this set.
  2. I just purchased the Bleeker Green Duffle so I will not be purchasing another green bag.
    I do like the styling of the Leigh Bag and the Color green alot. I do hope that you like your bag. Please post pictures when you get your bag.
  3. I won't be getting the juniper either. I got the scarf print green tote when it came out so I can't justify getting another green bag.
  4. I'm planning on purchasing the shoulder bag in juniper. It's an absolutely beautiful color in person- perfect for the holiday season!
  5. does anyone know if the bleecker wristlet will be out in bottle green eventually? i would love a green wristlet and the bleecker one just seems more practical..thx
  6. I really like the juniper from pictures but I want to wait until I see it IRL. It is a beautiful color. Do you gals think it could be versatile enough for everyday?
  7. Cverhoff, I definitely plan on using the Juniper as an everyday bag. I really don't buy bags anymore unless they can be switched out and used on a daily basis. So I HOPE this green works!!! If not I guess I'll switch it for the black bag, but I have plenty of black bags already.
  8. do we have an idea of what the Juniper color looks like?
  9. It is a beautiful forest green! It really is quite lovely...