Just found this on Poupette Luxe Auctions...

  1. [​IMG]

    So.......whatda'ya think?? Let me clarify, I didn't buy it, just spotted it.
  2. Please don't be offended but ...... yuk!:Push:
  3. Not offended at all. I don't like it either.
  4. Sorry, I agree!!!!!!!!!

  5. :sick: :sick: :sick:
  6. :sick: Not loving it.
  7. OMG I guess it must not be but it looks sooo fake.
  8. Tacky :sick:
  9. Yikes...
  10. There are jeans and shorts too...maybe even a skirt I think? Not sure. My mom likes the jeans, but I was like "No!". I like the denim bags, but wearing the print on your body is just too over the top IMO.
  11. Very Missy Elliot/Lil Kim-ish.
  12. man,looks like they make EVERYTHING with those LV denim.
    I saw a lady at the Glendale mall today with a LV denim in this coach tote shape.[​IMG]--->[​IMG]speechless.
  13. vomitrocious.
  14. Not too fond of it, but I think it might look okay with the right outfit :biggrin:
  15. that is monogram overboard for me