just found this on my chanel caviar >_<

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  1. I bought the chanel caviar black w/ ghw during NYE this year in Paris. Love the shiny caviar which doesn't come that often. Only wore it like 3 times and couldn't believe what I found today when I was about to store it back. IMG_20160524_113243.jpg

    I was really surprised of how the scratch could be there. I only wore it to certain events and for few hours too. Is it possible that there was actually a tiny scratch that gets wider by time? Anyone ever experienced this?

    What should I do? If for example I want it to be fixed, would chanel need to replace the whole leather instead of only replacing the spot? Any 'home remedy' I could do to make it better?

  2. It just looks like a surface scratch. I don't think it'll get wider or rip through. Doesn't look like it can be "fixed". Maybe try rub some leather lotion on there so it'll be less noticeable &#128578; I don't think u should stress about it too much
  3. It's probably there in the first place. And likely happened in the workshop when they are cutting up leather into pieces. I have previously purchased a cardholder with a similar cut but was told leathers can have irregularities in them and therefore each is a unique piece ...
  4. Hi Ladies,
    Thanks All for your comments. Really need it. Try not to be stressed out for a bag but a scratch on caviar leather..i just couldn't fathom it until now. I always feel the safest when using this black caviar

    Since you point it out that it looks more of a surface scratch, I just feel phewww I think you're right. Perhaps with the right lotion, it could be blurred a bit. Do you happen to know lotion for Chanel bag? I'm thinking about Meltonian...

    That's what I thought as well that i couldn't think of any event leading to the scratch , the shape of the scratch is also likely caused by a cutter or a sharp tool used in the workshop. but it's pretty lengthy around 1.5cm within one of the diamond quilt on the sturdy caviar leather on top of that. Feels impossible I missed it during buying and twice wearing it before. This is when I start 'hallucinating' that I 'think' I saw the scratch before but it's not crossing the pebble yet , just on the sidelines of the pebble (if u see closely on the upper 3 pebbles) which made it not obvious. But other question appears, could it get wider with that type of cut? Is yours getting any wider and more obvious?is it on a caviar as well?

    At first I contacted Leather Surgeon in UK but they direct me to Handbag Clinic. Anyone have used their service?

  5. To be honest I had to look really hard to find the scratch. Maybe apply some leather conditioner? It's still a beautiful bag. Since the bag is brand new why don't you take it back to the store and see if they offer any repair solution for you. I was informed that there's a full warranty for the first year of usage, you just need to provide a receipt for proof of purchase date.