Just found that Elux is giving addl 50%

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  1. It says that they are having additional 30%off now but when I placed the items in my cart, I found they are actually 50%off!!:nuts::nuts::nuts::nuts::nuts:
  2. Wow! Thanks for posting!!
  3. Yes - thank you! I have bought too many bags recently, but got a great pair of boots and a top for a steal!
  4. There was a cute gold Dior bag... Hope a tPFer snagged it!!
  5. any bags even LV
  6. Some good deals!
  7. Thanks for posting! I wish I found this out earlier because all the bags I wanted are gone! I bought two pairs of shoes though, I got an order confirmation after I placed the order, however when I go to the My Account section on the website, it says I have no orders! So I am not sure whether my order went thru or not. :sad:
  8. I think it's back to 30% off
  9. Yep. All i got was a top for my bf for 50% off.
  10. hha , ya , i was just happen to be on the site too, got a versace laminated black for 800 usd!!
  11. Its Back To 30!!!
  12. For those of you who placed orders when it was 50% off, did your orders appear in the My Account section? I placed an order but it doesn't appear in My Account. :sad:
  13. I just called. The rep said that the orders show up in your online account when shipped. She did verify that they had my order and the amount was the same as on my order email.
  14. Does anyone have the Promotional Code??

    I want to order some juicy sweats on sale!!!
  15. Oh thank you for letting us know! I wonder whether the 50% off was a mistake or they just decided to do a 50% off in the first few hours of the sale haha.