Just found out what DH REALLY thinks of my bbags...

  1. We spend our Christmasholidays in Berlin Germany and reserved a day without the kids to walk around, naturally I "stumbled" over a Balenciaga retailer and had to pull my hubby inside...

    He is pretty much the opposite of me when it comes to his likings.
    He loved the new hardware ...

    And he really likes french blue, grass green and prefers RV among my b-bags.
  2. my DH is the same, he likes the french blue & bright colors :p
  3. My imaginary boyfriend coincidentally likes the same colors I do.
  4. My DH really loves the matelasse and Decos's hobo in rouge :heart:
  5. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  6. My SO likes black B-bags so he likes my black First since it looks "funky"! :nuts: However, he doesn't like my rouge vif City... he thinks it's too bright. :push:
  7. My BF and I agree on the colors - he loves French blue and Grass green, and doesn't like the giant hardware. Loves Ink too! His favorite last season was the greige (yes, I dragged him to Bal NY enough times for him to pick favorites ;) ). We like similar styles too but he hated the Day style before I got it, now I think he likes it OK.
  8. My fiance HATED the new hardware when he saw it at Barneys the other day and he loves the black First and City I have.

    I have not convinced him yet that BBAgs are actually worth how much they cost but I still have hope:yes:
  9. My BF loves the same colours as me....mainly the BBGum pink and bright colours, he knows Balenciaga is my favourite brand. He has only recently started to appreciate each bag has a different "personality" some are more dressy, casual and girlie than others, so he understands my need to have more than one BBag!
  10. Yeh my bf has been brainwashed by my love for bags! its funny really he understands it more than my mum! he loves Bbags and explains that they are "reasonable" in their pricing! oh yes!:yes: He prefers the eggplant and ink, he says the really bright colours are not me and thinks i should get the unusual colours rather than just black "like your stupid big fendi"! my spy that he brought me!!:love:
  11. by th way what does SO and DH stand for???? am i being dumb!?:confused1: :p
  12. Of course not! SO=significant other. DH=dear husband (or dumb husband or dead husband, depending on one's mood).
  13. You're so funny....:roflmfao:
  14. ah i get it!!!
    petit papillon? did you get the rouge vif from eBay? ive noticed its gone, was wondering if it was you !?;) ;)
  15. my SO... likes bbags (I think...) He usually would tell me if a bag is ugly but he never really said anything about them!!.. I always ask him which bag i should take out so it goes w/ my outfit, but i think he likes the first style, and in bright colors... he always picks the white first!!!