Just found out my boss knows what LV is! lol

  1. I've always had LV bags as my work bag, first it was my Monogram Speedy 30, and now its my Cabas Antigua MM.

    I just assumed that my boss didn't know what LV is or just didn't notice what bag I had.

    Then today we were talking about shopping and he was saying how shopping is so much better in hong kong and that getting LV is cheaper over there because of the exchange rate and no tax. And he said "LV" and not "Louis Vuitton" which means he knows I'm familiar with LV.

    When he said that I was thinking "How does he know I know LV?" :sweatdrop: :wtf: *Hides Antigua* :whistle: :roflmfao:

    Anyways, I thought this was quite amusing cuz I didn't think he even knew what LV was before today!
  2. Haha, awesome!

    I just started a new job on Tuesday and was wary of using LV because one of the interviewers had a fake MC watch on when I was interviewed...Anyway, I rocked up, and what do I see? A black epi St Jacques and a mono porte documents! :nuts: Then I found out that the black epi was a "bonus" given by the company and that a few other girls got little LV things as a bonus too!

    So totally know about you feel about this revelation lol ;)
  3. haha! :biggrin:
  4. LOL!!! Cute story!
  5. How cool when a boss or coworkers "get it" & aren't slamming you or making fun of you for "spending so much on a purse"!
  6. haha, that's great!
  7. My boss knows exactly what LV is but thinks it is crazy to spend that much on a purse when you can carry a fake for a fraction of the price.. We have talked about it many times.
  8. He was even talking about Bloor street in Toronto, saying its so much better for shopping than our Robson street. lol
  9. Lol great story.
  10. great story.
  11. LOL, but seriously, please don't mention your Antigua!! the lovely pic with the turtle comes back to me... awww.
  12. That's cool!! When my DH and I started dating, he thought LV stood for Las Vegas. That's where we live!!! How awful!!! He definitely knows what it means now!! LOL
  13. Hmm, I wish I worked for an employer that gave LV as bonuses! Talk about your workplace incentive :yahoo:
  14. LOL! That is too cute! :wlae:
  15. Hehe...its frightening sometimes how much male bosses/coworkers know about LV!